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Hi, I'm Stephanie!

I support founders and leaders as a marketing advisor and executive coach

About Me

Hi, I'm Stephanie! I support founders and leaders as a marketing advisor and executive coach. I have 15+ years of experience across tech, consulting, sports, and the gaming industry. I'm passionate about building great teams and impactful companies, and have held leadership roles in marketing, growth, strategy, and operations at companies including Reforge, FanDuel, Madison Square Garden, and Parthenon-EY. I hold an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Political Science from Stanford University. 

As a marketing advisor, I support companies with defining and executing growth and marketing strategy (focus on post-PMF, B2C). In my coaching practice, I work 1:1 with founders and leaders. I'm passionate about working with driven yet humble leaders to achieve their goals and maximize their impact on their company, teams, and communities.

In my spare time, I play (too much) flag football and am passionate about tackling food and housing insecurity.

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What I Do

Marketing & Growth Strategy

I support founders and first-time marketing leaders with defining their growth strategy, identifying key marketing channels for their product and growth motion, and making critical first hires.


At Reforge, I taught brand marketing, product marketing, and growth marketing to hundreds of tech professionals. At FanDuel, I led marketing teams of 80+ as we scaled 10x to $1B+ revenue

Lifecycle & Retention

I work with companies looking to transform their lifecycle/retention program into a powerful lever to drive core business metrics like activation and revenue.


At FanDuel, I implemented a full customer lifecycle program, modernized the tech stack, and repositioned the team to own the customer experience and drive critical business metrics, such as actives and revenue  

Executive Coaching

I work with founders and leaders to help them through their most pressing career and life challenges, achieve their goals, and impact the world around them.

I work with driven yet humble leaders from founders through to new professionals. I've supported dozens of leaders 1:1 and lead events on topics ranging from communication and influence to team management and career development

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